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Apply to Be a Homeowner!

Handover of new homeSeneca Habitat for Humanity solicits applications for home ownership from qualified Seneca County residents. 

To qualify for approval as a Habitat Partner Family:

  1. You must have a housing need due to, for example:  improper electrical, plumbing or heating conditions, overcrowded bedrooms, unsafe or unsanitary conditions, etc.
  2. You need to have been unable to obtain a conventional housing loan.
  3. You need to have lived in Seneca County for one full year.
  4. Your annual income must fall within our guidelines. Please phone the office for current income levels.
  5. You need to give us permission to verify employment, income and checking and savings accounts; obtain statements from current and any pervious landlords; obtain a credit report and verify loans. 
  6. Willing to work a minimum of 400 hours (“sweat equity”) towards the construction of your home if you are a two adult family, and 200 hours if you are a one adult family. 
  7. Successful partner family applicants will be required to make a down payment at or before the time of closing on the mortgage.

Click here to for an application!

Equal Housing Opportunity


Click here to apply!

Image and Link for Application

Habitat Application 

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