Get InvolvedSeneca Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer-driven organization.

In fact, we have only one paid employee!

The majority of our work is accomplished by community members — people like you.

There are lots of ways to help out, and only some of them involve whacking things with a hammer.  While our insurance agents tell us that building-site volunteers must be at least 18 years old, there is no maximum age limit.

Read on for ideas about how you can aid Seneca Habitat for Humanity in its mission.

Seneca Habitat for HumanityHelp Build Houses

Habitat wouldn’t be Habitat without the houses. Currently we work on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. We work on Saturday mornings from Oct – April. Please call the office to inquire current volunteer hours.

Seneca Habitat boasts a dedicated core of seasoned construction professionals who ensure the high quality our homes are known for.

Don’t know a skill saw from a reciprocating saw?  Don’t worry–the experienced Habitat builders are happy to teach you anything you’ll need to know.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer information and waiver of liability forms to the right, send them to the office or call the office 419-447-4270.